owen = love

owen you are the love of my life.

i mean that with every breath in my lungs. every feeling i have. you are all i am. and you and your father are all that i ever will need while i am breathing on this earth.

you have completely rocked my little world and turned me on my head spinning. every day is brand new. and fun. and ahhhhmazing. i love learning new things with you all over again as if i had never seen them before. or tasted that strawberry cupcake before. it is all new and perfect. like it is in your eyes.

i love the way you look at the way God created the world for you. so bold and colorful and alive. everything is moving and growing. and you see that. nothing gets past you. you see the sun shining and the clouds rolling across the sky. and it is aweso
me to you.

your little hugs all day every day are the perfect amount of squeeze to wake up my body. they get my blood pumping all the way to my heart, and back from my heart to my arms, wrapped around you. your kisses blow your sweet warm breath all over my face and eyes. you little kissies.

before i know it you have learned something new. all in your own timing. your little finger rolls over letters and pictures, tracing and memorizing. sometimes that finger finds it way all the way up to your nose and sits there. that is pretty funny to you. and us, too.

there aren't enough words to tell my heavenly Father how grateful i am for you. but He already knows. He knows that i needed you. He knows how i prayed for you long before you came. He knows what an amazingly big blessing you are.

my little love.

you are my best, best little friend and i can't imagine spending my days with anyone else doing anything else.

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