embarassing or emarassinger

what's more embarassing than embarassing yourself you ask?

embarassing yourself infront of your class of 6th graders and older.

let me explain.

dancers wear tights under their dance pants. they just do. don't ask why. monday for class i thought, i don't need to wear my tights, these pants are thick. yes, that is exactly what i thought. these pants are thick. i won't wear my tights under my dance pants.

i make it through class number one. teach, dance, etc.

class number two is another story.

right in the middle of demostrating a dance move, ON THE FLOOR, moving around, i remember, these pants have a hole in them.

yea, they have a hole in them. i am infront of the class. with a hole in my pants.

did i keep going and dancing? NO. because that would have been the smooth thing to do and everyone knows i am not smooth.

i stop. cross my legs and exclaim, "oh my gosh, there's a hole in my pants."

well, of course no one noticed, except one girl who probably wouldn't have said anything.

don't worry. i had undies on.


and that is how you more embarasse yourself infront of middle school and high school students.

keep in mind i danced right into the mirror a few weeks back. that was the other class though. i make it a point to do stupid things in different classes so that hopefully they forget by time the next act of stupidity and clumbsiness comes around.

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