it is well with my soul

we are incredibly blessed that Mitchell has a job that provids for our family. a job that he loves and enjoys day in and day out. even though no job is perfect and without its up hill stuggles, he loves to teach music. it is his passion and his hobby. and he is lucky enough to do it every single day.

Joe Mack Hill, his mentor and great friend has arranged a piece for Mitchell's Honors Band to play at their Spring concert for the past two years. this year it was, "It Is Well With My Soul." Ms. G, Mitchell's friend and the choir director at Clack performed while the band played the arrangement of this piece that was comissioned for them.

it was a blessing to be in the audience last Thursday to hear this piece being performed by the Clack Middle School Honors Band, conducted by my husband.

Untitled from Amanda Etter on Vimeo.

(p.s. sorry for the shakey hand. i was trying to hold a 18 month old in squeeky shoes. note to self, no squeeky shoes for the next concert.)

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