sweet emotion.

monday afternoon we loaded up the car and headed toward the gym. about halfway there, we (i mean i) decided we didn't want to go work out. so we're driving down Pine St. and Owen sees the McKay's billboard right infront of the civic center and starts screaming cooko, cooko (cookie). it just so cute when he does that, especially because it's always followed by peese (please).

off we go to get my little dude a thumbprint cookie. before we could turn toward Cypress St. i noticed the new bakery on Pine, Sweet Celebrations. we decided to give this place a try.

Sweet Celebrations is located where Abilene Coffee Company used to be. did you ever go there?it closed down 5 years ago. it is where Mitchell and i had our first date. where we had lunch together every week while dating and engaged. and where i was supposed to have my bridal luncheon, until it closed.

it wasn't a fancy place. just a sandwich shop with really good coffee, Abilene Gold. the people were nice. we had our special table. and ordered the same thing every time. with coffee to go.

we walked into the bakery, ordered our goodies and sat down. across from mine and Mitchell's table. i look around, surrounded by my two favorite men and get super emotional, super sad, and super teary. that totally came out of nowhere.

it was the place where mitchell and i began. talking about our families, how much we had in common. how both of each had 3 kids in each family, two dogs. the place where i first realized i loved Mitchell. planning the rest of our lives together.

and there i was with my love, and my little love.

i was sad it was no longer Abilene Coffee Company. but our little memories weren't gone.

it was so fun. we sat there, had our goodies. except Owen because their thumbprint cookies sucked. you know it's bad when a 19 month old won't eat your cookie.

then we left. me, with my boys in hand! full of mine sweet emotions.

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Amanda said...

but have you tried their cupcakes? That's where it's really at..the cakes/cupcakes are heavenly!