thirty three

happy birthday to my sweet, sweet parents, Mona and Richard. aka Grammie and Poppie. today they celebrate 33 years of marriage.

33 years of love, frienship, family. hard times, good times, struggle, hurt, happiness, tears of joy and tears of sadness.

growing up and to this day my parents have illustrated what a Godly marriage should be. and early on i knew i wanted that. i knew i wanted to marry my best friend who puts God above all.

i knew i wanted to be a selfless wife whose love for her family knows no limits. i wanted a husband who provided for his family no matter what needed to be done.

i cannot put into words how much their love and friendship has influenced me nor how much i love them. i love seeing my parents together. i love who they are. i love what they have done for our family.

love you mommy and daddy. happy anniversary.

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