wolves or whales?

according to Who What Wear, photo shirts are really in right now... see?!?! i didn't make this up.

but, apparently their photo shirts are a little different than the photo shirts we see in abilene. sort of like these. wolves seem to be the most popular, whales coming in a close third. to nascar shirts.

i went out on pseudo-date with a guy once who ALWAYS wore these shirts. it really wasn't an official date - it was more like i don't want to tell you no, but you are kind of nice, but not really my type - kind of ice cream afternoon thingy.

in addition to never letting me down and wearing these shirts, during our "date" he talked endlessly about bottle rockets. and his nascar shirt collection.

this is no exaggeration. if you can ID this person, please leave his name out of it.

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