baby oh baby!

don't pass out.

yes, i am blogging. i have been absent from blogging, oh in it seems like a million years. but you know what? i realized that when i am not blogging, i am doing myself a disservice. blogging is me time. so you know what blog? it's you and me again. until like gets crazy again - oh on may 22nd!

that's right. baby etter will be making his/her debut into this glorious world on may 22nd. who said c-sections aren't wonderful. hello? i am going to know the exact date and approximate time each of my children will be born. not so bad if you ask me!

i feel just terrible that i haven't blogged or talked or even felt pregnant really lately. i have been so consumed with the outcome of my first pregnancy (Owen) that this second one is flying by. i am already 19 1/2 weeks along and we find out the sex of this baby next tuesday, the 10th!

please just pray for a healthy baby. finding out the sex is just an added bonus to that 20 week sonogram.

we are getting ready for Owen's big boy room and preparing for baby #2's baby room. it's bitter sweet saying goodbye to Owen's baby room. but he is no longer a baby. he is a big boy.

so here we go. this is to the next 5 1/2 whirwind months (now until June):
  1. fix baby room
  2. fix big boy room
  3. pre-uil
  4. uil
  5. honors band concert
  6. baby shower for a beautiful friend
  7. spring break
  8. beautiful friend having baby
  9. more baby stuff
  10. SPURS STUFF (basketball games, auditions, formal, etc.!)
  11. parents moving to midland/odessa (pray their house sells quickly!)
  12. mitchell band to six flags
  13. end of year concert
  14. baby (last three all happen within 5 days of each other, fyi!)
  15. another beautiful friend getting married

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