tried it thursday.

this week i tried making homemade pop tarts. now i didn't grow up eating pop tarts... i know how un-american, right? well, i never had chef boyardee or hamburger helper. my mom was one of those crazy "everything needs to be homemade, from scratch, just short of killing the chicken myself," kind of cook. but she did, have to go to the backyard (farm) and get the chicken herself for dinner when she was growing up.

and you wonder where i get it from?

so... back to the begining. i have already seen this several times on blogs and thougth i'd give it a try. i wanted to make the cinnamon filling ones, because everything with cinnamon is good. and i already had all the ingredients. all i added was butter, because butter makes everything better. hum, i just sounded like Paula Deen there - maybe i should go have my blood sugar checked!

this was all i needed for my filling. and i cheated and used pre-made pie crust. of all the things my mom taught me, this is one i just couldn't pick up. my pie crust stinks. i really should have used The Pioneer Woman's pie crust recipe that was on her show this past Saturday.

i'm sorry mom. i'm sorry Ree. i've let you down!

so you make the squares, fill it up, close it up, make your pretty little fork marks and that's it! and no, i didn't make icing. my kid doesn't need icing at 7:30 am.

i thought they were good. Owen didn't even give them a second look. mitchell ate one of my mom's homemade biscuits leftover from Sunday when she was here instead.

next time:
2. more filling
3. ok, ok, ok - icing on the next batch!

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