26 weeks

did i just say that outloud?

i did. i am 26 weeks pregnant. that means only 13 more weeks to go. we are delivering 1 week early for our c-section. that is so confusing you know. people will ask my due date, i say May 28th, but we are having a c-section the 22nd because i had one with Owen and my doctor thinks its more safe that way... i feel silly repeating that same old song and dance. but, tuesday May 22nd is our day! and i couldn't be more excited.

these two pregnancies could not be more different.

i ate everything in sight. you think i am kidding. i'm not. i ate semi-healthy, but just A LOT OF CHOCOLATE!
sat at a desk all day working, wait, slaving away.
no pain. no swelling. not very much fatigue.
oh, and migrains.

being much more aware of what i put in my mouth. still allowing myself the rare indulgences.
no sitting for me, except in the bathroom and in the car. i chase a two year old ALL DAY LONG.
having some pain, had to stop running, had to stop dancing.
oh, and migrains. yes, again! luckily i haven't been put in the hospital this time becuase of them.

i feel like Eli jumps and moves around so much more than Owen did. i remember thinking, is Owen still in there because he's not moving around much. i can just think that and Eli starts doing back flips and kicks me from here to kingdom come. i have a feeling he's going to be dislocating a rib like Owen did when he stretched from bottom to the top of my rib cage. that's what i get for having a short torso. at least i will know what the dislocated rib will feel like this time.

just like my pregnancy with Owen, we haven't started on Eli's room yet. we waited a little bit longer to start with Owen because i wanted everything planned out perfectly. and here i am this time, having to plan out perfectly one big boy room for Owen and one perfect baby room for Eli. it's hard when i loved Owen's room so much - not top it, but to make it just as special.

and just like my pregnancy with Owen, i could not be anymore smitten with this little man in my tummy. i know i will though that second he is born and i hear his precious little cry.

its hard to imagine loving another baby as much as your first. Owen is so special, and unique, and my first.

but Eli, you are so special and unique in your own way. i cannot wait to see who you look like and act like. what your little neck smells like. and i can't wait to kiss your sweet little lips.

Eli, you are loved beyond measure. prayed for. thought about. and blessed. and as your mommy i could not be more blessed. but just like your father and brother when they came into my life, my heart swelled, beating out from my chest, over flowing with love and blessings.

i can't wait for you to rock my world, little man.

i love you,

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