Elmo Makes Music

i seriously can't wait.

i've been racking my brain the past few week trying to figure out what the Easter bunny is going to get Owen for his basket. his eggs are filled with candy and a few dollars to buy cars, but i still couldn't figure out what to get him.

both grandma's are getting him clothes and other things so i wanted his little gift to be special. he is really understanding this holidays and celerations now, so i needed it to be awesome.

we decided on Elmo Makes Music Live. i seriously can't wait. he is going to be so excited. i have an episode of Sesame Street downloaded on my phone and mac where Elmo and his friends make music and talk about the different instruments. HE LOVES THAT EPISODE. and naturally he knows all the instruments.

i don't know if i'll be this excited when he starts driving or voting, but Elmo Live is one for the record books if you ask me!!!

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