underwear, too too, & sitting up

i don't remember the last time I blogged. and for someone that used to blog everyday sometimes twice a day, that's sort of a big deal.

but, i have this full time, 24/7 job, and my two little bosses require a lot of me. and when we aren't together, well i'm sleeping or showering. literally. That's about all the alone time I get. And when I have time to get on the computer it's to pay bills. And that's about it.

But enough is enough. I think I've sort of worn out all my followers on twitter and Instagram with my stories and pictures and tweets and sometimes graphic accounts of my days with Owen and Eli. And now that Owen is sort of kind of almost potty trained (sort of kind of not really), it's getting really graphic these days. But completely and totally funny. And when you spend your days talking with an almost 3 year old and 5 month old, you gotta get it off your chest.

Our days right now are centered around underwear, going too too, and Eli learning to sit up. He's the easy one in the house these days. Owen not so much.

Do you know what the hard part of potty training is? All of it. None of its nice or fun or easy. And quite frankly changing a diaper is easy.

At one point today I was feeding Eli while Owen was on the potty. Luckily he doesn't mind being alone in there. He comes out with underwear backwards after finishing his business. I'm still feeding Eli, so I tell him to sit on the floor and turn his underwear around. After the fact I realized he mentioned going too too. And so yes, there was a skid mark on my living room floor when he stood up. Never have I been so grateful for wood floors and Clorox green works.

So, when you imagine cleaning up accidents when your kid is potty training, remember to think twice before telling them to sit in the floor to fix their pants.

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