rick bayless, food & bravo

So we have missed Top Chef for the past 3 weeks. Tragic I know, but we are finally catching up. We are food, Bravo TV and Top Chef JUNKIES!

We are very excited about this season because it's in Chicago and we are in love with Chicago... more like, in lust with Chicago since our visit this summer when I had a conference (thanks LH for sending me).

OK, just got caught up with weeks 1 and 2, nothing special and no fights yet. I guess they are waiting for next week but they just previewed week 3 and the guest judge is Rick Bayless. Mexican Chef extraordinaire. This man should have been a Mexican, and we ate at his AMAZING restaurant in Chicago, Frontera Grill. I think my parents would adopt him if they could, but he's like 50 and has a "life parter," more power to you!

I can't wait for next week!!! I love Rick Bayless... this freaking show. And food for that matter. But doesn't it show. If I didn't I wouldn't have to work out so hard to be curvy!

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