a day in the life of romulus

My life as a dog is very busy and packed with many activities. Today I decided to sleep in and woke up at 5:20 am with mom. I think I am going to give up getting up for my early morning pee break at 2:30 am. I need my rest, you know.

I went in and out of the backyard about a 1/2 dozen times before breakfast, that made me really tired so I then decided to eat. After breakfast I got very bored and decided to eat mom's reef sandals. I liked them so much she decided to let me keep both of them.

Later in the morning while no one was looking and I got board again I ran off with some of mom's clothes into the backyard and started chewing on them. Turns out she caught me and took them away. She yelled something about money... expensive bra... ROMULUS... blah, blah! At least I still have her sandals.

When everyone leaves I get to rest, finally. I sleep, eat, roll around in the grass and investigate what's below my tail... Tomorrow we'll see what's in store. I still haven't been able to steal the rest of the brownies off the counter.

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Shara said...

That's hilarious!! I think Romulus' story has cured my want for a puppy...at least for the time being.