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Hello again! I have discovered quite a few things this past week that have for some reason been amusing to my parents. Who knows, they frequently look at me with one of two expressions: 1.) "My dog is crazy," a weird and silly look or 2.) "What in the heck are you doing," look. Both are usually accompanied by hysterical laughter.

Things of interest lately are:
  1. Stealing things that I am not supposed to have: I am going to make this a habit. I like mom chasing me around hollaring like a mad woman.
  2. Robert Plant: he was on TV the other day singing and I came all the way inside to watch and listen. I like the moaning ballads. It must run in my blood though - my family loves him and LZ.
  3. Having conversations with dad: yes he frequently has talks with me. I don't know why. Last night our conversation went something like this...
Rom: *blank look on my face*
Dad: "Are you listening to me?"
Rom: *continued look - one blink*
Dad: "We need to discuss your nightly habits. You've been a good boy lately but there are things that could use some improvement..."
Rom: *I look away*

Yes, these conversations do take place. I like the way he talks to me like a human, maybe I will get human food soon, too!

That's it for now family. Oh, I was successful at stealing a lime off the plate on the coffee table this morning. I have been eye-balling those green suckers for a while. But mom took it away. Too bad, they look yummy.

Come on, tell me those don't look good!

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Capitan Awesome said...

Zeppelin all the way Rom!! Trust me you know I would not lead you astray. You need to listen to Ramble On and When The Levee Breaks, I think you will like the deep bass in these.