mitchell, the poet

My husband proclaimed to me that he was going to write me a poem. I was very excited, yet continued brushing my teeth while getting ready for bed. Because poetry is like music and well, my husband is a very talented musician you know. I was ready for this!

"I love you... like a fat kid loves cake!"

That I was not ready for. What I really wasn't ready for was what he followed the line above with.

"That's a 50 Cent line, you know."
"Oh?" I mumbled through my toothpaste.
"Yeah, 'I love you like a fat kid loves cake.' is from one of his songs."

My husband is a romantic person, so somewhere he possibly could have come up with that line without the help of 50 - but apparently he needed the inspiration.

I have to admit in the midst of the toothpaste, bathroom filled romance I liked it.

*My husband is not making fun of overweight children who enjoy eating pastries. we too like icing and cake.

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