there was a pants-less man in my yard this morning.

Yes. And this is why you all need a pecan tree in your front yard!

Its not rare that you see strangers in your yard here in Abilene if you own a pecan tree. I could careless if someone comes and take our pecans, I don't want them. And I don't have time to pick them. This morning was not a time to pick our pecans.

Mitchell was driving back from filling up the truck with gas before we both left for work. As he drove into the driveway, much to his surprise he was greeted by two men in our yard. Picking up our pecans. Now Mitchell does not have the same view that I do on the pecan picking. Therefore, he does not want the strangers in our yard.

The pecan picking is not what made him immediately honk the horn or jump out of the truck - oh no! It wasn't the fact that there were two strange men in our yard... keep guessing. It was because one of these men was not wearing pants.

Pants you say, pants are overrated. Pants are not necessary if you are wearing, say shorts. But this gentleman wasn't even wearing those. Simply just a sweat shirt, and what seemed to be under-roos!

Mitchell and these men exchanged words (no bleeps necessary!) and needless to say I don't think they will be back to pick the pecans I don't want. But I am considering leaving pants in the yard for him in the morning. I think he needs those more than the pecans. After all he does pick those everyday!


Mark said...

We have a guy like that who lives down the street from us! He likes Meredith to see him shirtless! :)

Victoria said...

Strangers dont come in our yard here in the city.

Victoria said...
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Shara said...

That's fantastic! I feel the same as you about pecans, but I'm a little nervous now because I have two pecan trees in my yard. Let's hope he doesn't travel to the Metroplex often.

Denise said...

You & Mitchell want Anthony & I to move to Abilene...why so I can have a pant-less man in my yard picking up pecans...no thank you...LOL!!!