hello, what about me?

No. This is not Romulus. And no, I am not going to write about Romulus today. Sorry!

We have come to the conclusion (check my Facebook status) that our dog is more popular than we are. Yes, we know he is much more amusing than the other 2/3 of the Etters, but come on. We are the people that brought him into the world! Well, into the Meander House! (Reminder: come up with a better name for our lovely abode)

He is so much more admired, loved and adored that my family no longer asks about me when they or I call. The conversations revolve around the grand-dog, his daily schedule and if he can talk on the phone. Which he obliges to. He knows how to pose for a picture and he has learned how to not listen to us like a good dog should.

Rom is so popular that his Aunt Sarah is an avid reader and pulls up his blog in class every day. Shout out to Aunt Sarah and her students in Magnolia!

Have you noticed that yes, I did end up writing about Romulus? And today I am going home to play with Romy.

I am not going to lie though I like the attention we get from having an abnormally large and utterly huge dog. When we walk him around the neighborhood I purposefully watch people's faces, they automatically smile or their jaws drop. I wonder if Romulus knows that he makes people happy. How neat is that? He is a goofy dog and never fails to make us laugh... never! The only intimidating thing about him is his bark and maybe his breath. Other than that he would love to give you a hug. Come on over!

A big, hairy Romulus hug!

P.S. To represent the other two-thirds of us (like I said I was going to do) Mitchell is going to be on the news tomorrow, KRBC (cable channel 5), 10pm for being the best band director their ever was.

Ummm well, let me re-phrase that. Three of the 4 music teachers at Madison Middle School are HSU graduates and he is one of them and KRBC is doing a story on them. You know, because that is cool, and HSU is awesome and so is the band director. And he is incredibly good looking! Did I mention he is the best... and he belongs to me :)

Make sure you watch, if you can't I will be taping it for you!


Mona said...
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Mona said...

Mandy and Mitch, whooooooo? Yes my granddog is much more entertaining than you guys. I think you need to update your heading to include Rom-Bom. LOVE THAT DOG! YOU GUYS TOO!

Shara said...

To quote "Overboard" starring the lovely Goldie Hawn..."When you have a baby you can't be the baby anymore."

Capitan Awesome said...

congrats to mitch!! thats awesome!!