i am genius!

Good morning faithful readers. I hope you are all doing as great as I am. We had a busy and fun weekend in the Etter Household. Mom's family came to visit; the grandparents and my cousin Abby. Oh, Abby and I had a great time! (Vicki & Brutus, sorry you couldn't make it!)

Our weekend was jammed packed full of learning. Seems like every time I see my cousins they teach me something cool. This weekend I learned how to chase, bark and attack squirrels. Abby is really good at attacking the squirrels. There was one in particular this weekend that we had our eye on. No luck catching him though... next time squirrel you are mine.

Abby also taught me how to point and wait for the squirrels. Although, I prefer to wait for them on the porch, maybe they will come to me. I got tired waiting around.

I also got in bed and slept with grandma Moonchie. I don't think she minded one bit, isn't everyone up at 5:30 in the morning on the weekend? I love it when she's around, she gives me her food, lets me sit on her and kiss her ears. Mom talks about my stinky breath, but if I had stinky breath I don't think Moonchie would let me kiss her. She's great!

Grandpa is cool, too. Last time he was in town we ran around the backyard and wrestled. He's pretty big and hard to take down but I accomplished it! Twice!

I was really sad when everyone left on Sunday. They could have at least left me Abby. We are two peas in a pod, you know. She pretends she doesn't like me but I know she misses me a lot!

I mean, look at this face. Yes, I know I am photogenic but how cute am I? Who wouldn't love and want to stay with me forever. Come back Abby, grandma and grandpa!!!

Now, don't think I just had fun this weekend. I got a lot accomplished. Like I said above I learned new tricks and I did yard work with dad. Do you know how tiring that is? Isn't not easy making my yard look good, but I did it. I was so good mom gave me like a huge bone.

And I surprised mom this morning and let her onto my genius. As if she didn't already know. I pulled and placed my bed into the living room so I could be more comfortable. Mom usually does this for me every morning and I help her by pulling my bed down the hall, but for some reason she didn't this morning. Grrrr. So I got up and did it myself. I pulled my bed down the hall through the entry way, which was tricky because my bed is big. But I just turned it sideways, placed my bed down and took a break. I was exhausted.

It's hard being cute, smart and a genius. But I pull it off well, don't you think?

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