blood. sweat. tears.

The last year and half of my professional life in my current profession I have been working on a beast known as Datatel's Content Management System. I will spare you the hairy, technically details, most of which are boring and bear no importance to those who will never manage a website. Now, don't let me fool you. I do not do code, css, html or anything back end like that. I help manage, tell people what to do and make things pretty. I manage and market the brand that is Hardin-Simmons University! And in this case via the web.

And like I said this project has been over a year in the making and I have been a part of it since day one of my current position. There have been tears shed. Long hours worked and technically everything isn't perfect but the new and improved HSU website is up and running as of 25 hours and 12 minutes ago.

This is part 1 of the new Hardin-Simmons website - the graduate, undergraduate, financial aid, and other portions of the website. This website allows student to pay application fees online personalize the website, register for events and do so much more.

Look, explore, sign up! Whatever you do please enjoy: www.hsutx.edu


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