this is an important day in a man's life...

These are the words my husband uttered to the warehouse men at Relics as he picked up his recliner late yesterday afternoon after work. This is a day Mitchell has long awaited since we have bought our house and started purchasing furniture for The Love Shack. My loving husband has asked for one thing. The one thing I never wanted in my house. A recliner.

Now, let me define my idea of a recliner. Covered in a material similar to carpet, in a redish brown color and about as large as a semi. La-Z Boy! I wasn't so excited about Mitchell's current needs. I made my wants quite clear to my hunny, no La-Z Boy recliner in our home, please.

After countless hours of searching, looking, talking and sitting we found the perfect non-recliner looking chair for the man in my life. Leather, espresso in color, rustic in design, medium to small nail heads. And yes it reclines.

Needless to say my husband is in love with a chair. Romulus likes the taste of the leather (at least he isn't barking aimlessly at it like he did the couch) and I... well I am happy because don't have a La-Z Boy in my house!


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katy said...

I completely agree, empathize, and cheer with you! As we started buying furniture for our house, I was ecstatic to think that I could make the choice to NOT have a recliner in my house. But I too, saw not dark red or brown, but light sky blue and almost as wide as a loveseat itself, with huge buttons tufting the back of the chair... almost enough to make me gag a little.
Personally, I like the "faux" recliners... the ones that surprise you when you lean back. and make you say, "oh! this reclines! niiiice."