can i borrow your child?

These are the words I uttered yesterday to my co-worker as I realized every adult that I work with who does have a child had used them as an excuse to get out of an awkward lunch that I myself did not want to go to.

Did I mention my co-worker's son is incredibly cute, his favorite word is light and has not come to the office in a very long time? Tytus: I am due for a visit!

Back to my story. We are in the middle, when I say middle I mean middle of a two year-long project of implementing a completely new website. Go-live time is well... months ago, we have had several road bumps and our "helper" from Datatel (the company who we've purchased this lovely web software from) is on campus to help us with these kinks and to get us going. Now the polite thing is to take
our guest to lunch. No one is volunteering, its 45 minutes until noon and everyone has mommy/daddy responsibilities.

Now I didn't mind taking Keith to lunch. I sort of like him in a completely professional-you are doing us a service, fixing our problems kind of way. Yet I didn't want to go to lunch with him by myself. And all of a sudden everyone's child has camp, practice, lunch, needs to be taken somewhere, etc.

My solution. I need a child to call my own. A child to shuttle somewhere. Because I don't think people are going to take me seriously when I tell them that Romulus has camp. Besides he isn't very portable.
Now this combination, portable and just plain cute!

Now don't worry, I am not going to walk off with a random baby. But my nieces and nephew, I might keep them forever on the other hand!

In the end Erin, my other childless co-worker and I hosted Keith to a local eatery, Harold's (thanks for lunch LH) filled our stomaches to their content and had an afternoon filled with content management website delight!

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