let there be PEACE on earth

And let it begin with me!

I got the new Harry Connick Jr. CD this weekend and it is absolutely, fabulously, amazing. (and so is Harry!) I recommend going out and purchasing it right now! Or you can come by my office and I will burn you a copy. He sings Let There Be Peace On Earth, which is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It's beautiful. You know, I can't even decide what my favorite Christmas song is. What is yours?

I haven't posted pictures yet of our Christmas decorations - here are just a few. I hope you enjoy, Mom! I wish I could keep the decorations up all year long. Mitchell did suggest leaving the tree up, but I think that was only because he didn't want to break it back down!

This was from the Christmas parade.
We think Romulus should be his own attraction next year, don't you?

Katie and Hunter who we watched the parade with.

And Ben.

The Six White Horses.

And Debbie - she is so sweet!

This is my manly man putting Christmas lights on the house.
He insisted on getting on the roof to get this part of the house.

Mitchell's view from the roof.

Our rickety latter Mitchell uses to get on the roof - a little sketchy, don't you think?

When I was decorating the house, I decided to decorate Romulus too and put a bow on him.
He didn't like it and immediately took it off!
This is him showing me what the thinks of me and that bow!

Our Christmas stockings were hung, by the built in with care.

Away in a manger no crib for a bed...

The beautiful handmade ornament my mom got us last year.

The ornament my friend Aimee gave us for our first Christmas together :)

A piano for my music man of course!

The end.


Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

Fun Christmas decorations. Last year, we didn't take our tree down until MARCH!!! I know it's crazy. But it was so pretty we didn't want to take it down (yeah right, we were too lazy to take it down). J'Lee does the same thing with her bows, I can't keep them on!

Baby McMinn said...

I think Romulus could ride on the West Texas Pools float next year with Stone.