presenting the CLACK middle school band!

Tuesday night Mitchell had his first concert of the semseter at Clack Middle School, the Christmas Concert. This is also his first head band directing position. He was excited, nervous and ready to get it over with all at once. He has been working so hard all semseter long, and it has gone by so quickly. It almost seems like a whirlwind remembering the first day of school until now.

Mitchell just loves the kids at Clack and has enjoyed every minute of his semseter there. They are truly special students. It was hard to leave Madison, but he knows Clack is where the Lord has placed him.

I can't tell you how many students are in the band... 230 or so, seriously! The concert was at Cooper's auditorium and there was standing room only. It was awesome. I am so glad I got there an hour early to save our seats. One student's grandmother and family came from like Ohio to see the concert. How sweet is that? Mitchell also has two students who are home schooled who pay tuition just to be in his band, two little twin girls. He had 8 students make honor band this year, over 100 beginner band students all on stage all at once and over 60 students in each of the other 2 bands; Concert and Symphonic Band. Mitchell directed all three bands.

Mitchell's mom, sister Meredith and our nieces Maggie and Mollie Grace all came in for the concert. They have made it for all of his Christmas concerts since he has begun teaching and the girls are just too adorable for words. They sit there entranced, pat their hands to the beat of the music and wave at the stage, "There's Bubs!" Bubs is what they call Mitchell!

The girls watching the band.

Group picture at the end of the concert.

Maggie and Uncle Bubs


Becca said...

Yay for Mitchell! I'm sure the band concert was great and I bet those kids really love Mitchell so much! Cute pics of Maggie and Mollie Grace too!

Mandi said...

This is so cool! I am very impressed that Mitchell can work with that many teenagers and get them to play music together. Next concert you need to send an announcement out so we can come watch!

Baby McMinn said...