put your hands up, uh oh!

As I was getting ready this morning in the living room I had VH1 on the TV and Beyonce's newest music video came on. I LOVE this song and I LOVE Beyonce. Naturally I stopped to watch the video which I hadn't really ever done before. She is dancing with two other women in the video and at first glance they look really silly. Then something caught my eye. (and it wasn't the unitard which I secretly wish I had so I could 80's style dance in!) 

When ever possible I dance - and I usually don't care when the moment is. In the recliner this morning when I was doing my make-up watching VH1, in the car while driving, cooking dinner, at work; in fact my co-worker Kim and I actually have dance moves to Womanizer. This really isn't something I should brag about - but its fun and it makes the work day go by a lot faster! Anyways, some of my moves resembled Beyonce's in her video. 

Unfortunately I couldn't embed the video but you can link to it below. 

You must watch this video and do a little dancing of your own when no one is watching; Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) 


Shara said...

Every time her video comes on I just break it down!! Thankfully I have mastered quite a bit of the moves and can manage to get in front of the t.v. and work it with her and her sidekicks. I'll have to join you and Kim in the office some time for an afternoon dance party :)

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Did you see Beyonce's skit on SNL? She did the video with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake and the other dude. The guys were rockin' the unitard and heels. Here's a crappy link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5qx-MVrXfk

I get Womanizer stuck in my brain! I'm gonna have to see your moves. Teach me teach me! Boy, you're tryin to front, I-I know just, just what you are, uh huh...