we need to bring home the gold!

This is what I told Mitchell after church on Sunday. Not exactly what he expected to hear considering the sermon was wonderful and very uplifting (thanks Brother Stan)! But after he thought for a few minutes he knew where I was going with this conversation...

After prayer requests and announcements at the beginning of Sunday School Rob, one our teachers announced we would be playing the Newlywed game... I WAS PUMPED!!! To say the least I can be a bit competitive and I was ready to win. Really, this is a good game to win. A game of who knows their spouse the best. ME! I really am not being fair, considering this is the Nearly wed/Newly wed Sunday school class, we are one of the couples who have been married the longest - 2 years and 7
blissful months. Ahhh!

After the first round of the game Mitchell and I are in second place. Behind the Adams who have been married for 1 year. We got one question wrong. I had fill in this blank: "The nicest thing that Mitchell could do for me is _____ ." I guessed play the piano and sing to me. SO SWEET, right?!?! Mitchell's answer was buy flowers. That is really sweet as well. But wrong.

Immediately after church and for the rest of the afternoon we proceeded to ask each other questions we would have never asked each other in a million years or thought we already knew the answers to. If you are bored or really want to surprise your spouse one day, I highly recommend doing this.

Turns out I know Mitchell much better than he thinks he knows me. No worries though, we are going to win next Sunday, I can feel it!


Martin & Hillary Hernandez said...

where did you get your background? so cute!

The Etters said...

from cutestblogontheblock.com

when i went to the link it wasn't working but i think it was just temporarily down. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Josiah and Amber Rawlings said...

u find me on facebook... i find you here! ill see you tonight at the seales.

Josiah and Amber Rawlings said...

also.. are we playing this on sunday??? cause im afraid we might do really bad.... we got married in august which wasnt that long ago!!!