oh so fine in 2009!

That's right! I am so excited about this year, its going to be a great year. And you know what? Not for any particular reason at all. Well, there's a lot going on this year, but I already know its going to be a good year.

On a second note, I have been SO disconnected to the world, I hated not being able to blog for the past few weeks. Christmas, traveling, and being out of my normal routine has really taken its toll. Not to mention our computer at home crashed and died on us. So, as our Christmas present to each other, Mitchell and I bought an iMac last week! Oh, yes we joined the world of Mac users! My graphic designers were very proud of me. Now I feel like I have something to contribute to their conversations. And its going to look great in my asparagus green office. The office isn't complete yet, but here are pictures of my music man painting it.

He worked so hard...

Our desk underneath that tarp!
I love it!


Now, just picture it now with the desk and cow hide rug! Completing our office is one of my new year's resolutions. Actually I am not calling them resolutions. No one likes that nasty word. And who truly keeps to their resoluations, anyway? Except for crazy people who have lots of time on their hands. Not me. Me, I am calling them 2009 goals. That way when I achieve my goals I feel accomplished. Now, this is what I HAVE TO DO THIS YEAR...

1. Mitchell likes to hit the snooze button (a lot) and I have inherited that nasty habit. I am going to re-learn to Get Up when my first alarm goes off - nice and early in the morning.

2. Get To Work On Time. Ummm, so I stroll into the office most mornings around 8:30 - 8:45ish just because I can. THAT'S BAD! It's not because I am lazy and its not because I don't do my work. I always work through lunch and stay late. But come on, I need to get to the office at 8 am or earlier!

3. Try New Machines and Work-Outs at the Gym. I have gotten into this routine of doing the same things over and over again at the gym. And I am thinking my body doesn't like it. And I am thinking I don't like my body. So I need to mix it up. That equipment doesn't scare me - well maybe the big ball does, but other than that I am good!

4. While trying new workouts I should be Getting Ready for Hawaii... YES! I will be spending 2 weeks, 14 days and 336 hours on the beach in Hawaii in a bikini. I am going to own 14 bikinis and look good in every single one of them.

5. Finish the office, guest bathroom and our bedroom in the Love Shack.

I think that really should complete a great 2009, don't you agree? I wish I had pictures and highlights from Christmas this year, but Mitchell accidentally formatted our memory card with ALL our Christmas pictures on it 2 days after Christmas. Poor thing he felt horrible. This is what we did do: piled in the Mazda like sardines (presents, bags, Romulus, doggie bones and all) traveled to Austin, had SO MUCH FUN with my family, left Christmas day for Ft. Worth, had SO MUCH FUN with Mitchell's family, packed back into the Mazda like sardines and came back to Abilene.

Last goal of 2009... vowed to get a new LARGER vehicle!

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Baby McMinn said...

This room will look great with that new white computer.