creativity: west texas style

There is nothing creative about being in advertising and creative services in West Texas*.

*Unless you work for University Communications at Hardin-Simmons University. Where we have foam rocket wars all day long, go out to lunch once a week, celebrate birthdays just because we can, where part of the creative process is laying on the floor starting at the bottom of my desk, have a life size poster of Eragon in the hallway to greet us everyday, talk to each other on Facebook all day long, because we really are on there for social marketing (or I am), avoid meetings at all costs,
constantly use the phrase, "That's what she said," create stache-a-lichious portraits, are going to get bean bags to sit on during staff meetings and don't take anything seriously. Among other erroneous things I can't mention because you'd think I was crazy, lying or you might think less of me.

But amongst this craziness comes great work like what we create in UC. And hopefully this work will win a few ADDYs at an award ceremony tomorrow night that I will regrettably miss. Sorry guys!

(note: I attempted to upload some artwork and the colors were TERRIBLY distorted and hideous. if I would have let it stay like that, the guys would have killed me.)

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