how is san antonio? (historic)

And that's all we have to say about that.

San Aantonio is a great place. Please don't get me wrong. And if you are from SA or are permanent resident of SA we can visit later. But this visit has sucked since we got here around 2 pm yesterday. This is a short synopsis of the last 12 hours:
  1. Hotel reservations lost at the Menger Hotel (p.s. all other reservations are sold out in the city) while Mitchell is mumbling, "This is where I really appreciate chain hotels and 'The Man.'" What ever that means...

  2. Meanwhile reservations found under Tetter. Yes, that's how we spell our name! I didn't know that.

  3. Walk into room that is the size of our closet. Yes, it's small, historically small!

  4. After this, Mitchell promises never to say at a "historic" hotel again just b/c Teddy Rosevett took a dump here. Yes, he said that.
  5. Waited for luggage for 30 minutes. Mitchell goes down to get luggage with 10 bell boys sitting around. He proceeds to ask the belloys if he can have our luggage. (I am sure in a polite manner) And then asks for a manager. I don't think they got a tip.

  6. Mitchell took a shower this morning. Water pressure was good! (that's was good) But the temperature went from scolding hot to freezing cold. Maybe that how it was in "historic days"!

So, when Mitchell talked to his mom this morning and she asked how SA was and the old Menger Hotel. The only thing he could mutter from his mouth was, "Historic."

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