aimee is on FIRE

One of my greatest and bestest friends from college, Aimee Skeen is getting married June 6th. I can't wait! I LOVE weddings. Aimes was such a blessing to me at my wedding! I am so excited to be a part of her wedding as a bridesmaid.

This is Aimes and I at my wedding reception at The Grace Museum.

Roxie (her maid of honor), Aimee and I the DAY AFTER Aimee got engaged!

The best part of this post are a few of their engagement pictures below and the fact that Aimes is marrying a fireman - who also happens to be a really great man and who is going to take care of her. And look at him, he's adorable. They are adorable and SUPER good looking together.

I just had to share these picutres! Who wouldn't?

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Kendi Lea said...

heyyy I know that lady!!