i love fringe

I do. I'm not afraid to say it. Now, I don't technically own anything with fringe, but I am sure in my 27 years of life in the great state of Texas I have.

What I have found fabulously amazing and hilarious is that in Texas Monthly's March issue, their feature story is on
The 30 Most Stylish Texans. Ever.

That's a direct quote.

Well I immediately flipped to those pages in the magazine, with images of Cowboys like George Strait
(be still my heart) and Eva Longoria Parker. She's too cute!

Well, George was there of course and so was Eva, but the # 1 person on the list was...

Are you ready for this. Not George. Or the Red Headed Stranger. Or Tom Landry. It was Davy Crockett. YES!!!!

Now, this picture doesn't do justice to the picture in the magazine because that one had fringe. Everywhere! That is they only reason I could justify Texas Monthly for choosing ol' Davy for the coveted #1 spot! Don't you?

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