keep austin weird

In my constant pursuit to keep up with the times I was Facebook and blog stalking. And much to my surprise I came across this ahhhhmazing video.

Please do yourself a favor. Go to the restroom before watching. (because in my case you might have an accident.) Sit down for 6 minutes and watch this video. It makes me proud to be from Austin. And sort of home sick.

"I don't drink a lot. Just enough to thin the blood." Gladys you are a fine woman.


Lovely Lawyer Lady said...

LOL!!!! OMG that was sooo freakin hilarious. I'm gonna have to borrow it for my blog. Thanks for the bathroom caveat...yup, i would've had an accident. Ha ha!

Amber Rawlings said...

hey thanks! i already get real simple haha those are the only 2 i get! any other ideas??