just say "yes!"

That's right kids!

Just say yes. To drugs, to illegal substances,
performance enhancing drugs, banned substances. Hey, why stop there? Go ahead and beat your girl friend, dump her on the side of the road and you know what I bet you're going to get away with it these days. Because it is a part of, "the culture."

Don't worry. We know there are pressures and worldly strain on you. Who cares what the UIL, NCAA and other athletic organization are declaring about banned substances. Because if major league players can take these drugs and performances enhancing drugs in the majors then so can you in high school - and why not middle school?

You want to know why its ok? Because they admit their wrong doing - and that's ok! Way to go A-Rod we commend you. Thank you Mike and Mike for your declaration of Alex Rodriguez's innocence. (and your opinion)

Aren't you glad we look up to and idolize athletes and celebrities? Now go and buy your Nikes, posters and magazines with his picture on the cover!

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