where are you showering in the morning?

Mitchell: At the gym

Me: I can't work out, shower and get ready at the gym before work. I will take a shower here.

Mitchell: But we won't have any hot water.

Me: I will boil water on the stove for a bath.

Mitchell: What?

Me: You heard me.

Mitchell: Why don't you just go up to the gym.

Me: Because I am not going to work out.

Mitchell: You don't have to work out to shower up at they gym.

Me: Yes... you do. Are you kidding me?

Mitchell: No. I am going to work out, but either way I would just go up there to shower. We pay good money for that membership.

Me: I am not going to just go up just there to shower. That's ghetto.

Mitchell: I am going to.

And he did. And I boiled water on the stove for 30 minutes for a bath at 5:30 am. While my husband left the house making fun of me. What was I supposed to do? Take a FREEZING cold shower? I thought at first that would be ok, then I washed my face in the cold water and then reconsidered.

So, if my gas isn't turned on tomorrow morning, and you are up at 5:30 am call me. I will need somewhere to shower. Because I am not going to the gym... with Mitchell.


Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Sounds like a tactic of the homeless. But they ARE clever and resourceful people. I'd hit the gym.

Becca said...

Awesome! Ya'll crack me up!