feed my brain

My love and I are TOTALLY addicted to Top Chef on Bravo. Actually I love all the shows on Bravo, but don't admit it in public for fear that people might think less of me.

Yes, I do watch the Real Housewives series. This totally trashy TV, filled with self-centered, rich women. I love it.

So, Top Chef finale aired last week, but I missed it while out of town. I have been DYING all week long because I haven't been able to catch the re-run.

To make matters worse Mitchell knows the winner and watched it without me! I want to be a Top Chef. Wait... that's a lot of work and kitchen cleaning. I would rather be one of the ultra opinionated, yet lovable judges. Like Padma.

Look at her. She eats, all the time. Gets to talk, for a living. And, looks super fabulous. That is the job I want. Oh, and I hate her. For the meantime I will settle with a cute apron.

So tonight I finally get to catch up and watch the finale and see who won. I can't wait. Sad to be so dependent on a TV show. But that's not surprising... its about food.


Baby McMinn said...

The apron is cute but I would have it dirty in an instant well maybe Stone. Yesterday I wore oatmeal all day long on my shirt. I bet my customers are little worried about my eating habits.

Lovely Lawyer Lady said...

OMG I soooo watch those ridiculous Real Housewives shows too. Those women are terrible! Yet I can't stop watching!! :)