lubbock or leave it

I had the most amazing weekend in Lubbock. My friend Aimee who I wrote about in this blog post, is getting married in about 3 months, had a bridal shower on Saturday. I went into town on Friday for a LONG OVER DUE girl's weekend and meet her and my other lovely friend Roxie and do a bunch of girly, bridal, crazy things that only we would do.

I can't remember the last time I acted that silly, stayed up that late talking or had a girl weekend. But it was long over due. I can't wait unit you girls are in Abilene!

And look at me, I remembered to take pictures! Except of that outfit that I was dared to try on in Forever 21. You will never see evidence of that. Only the walls of that dressing room will.

Roxie, the bride and me. No, not in our bridesmaids dresses. But in something 80's fabulously tacky!

It was too hard to resist!

The lovely couple!

Awwwe! (the future) Mr. and Mrs. Dowgar

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