i love grapes

See that? Our little blessing (Pod Etter as my love calls it) is about the size of a grape right now. Isn't that amazing. I have a grape with a heartbeat in my tummy. And that grape isn't even an ounce!

Our baby now has ears too, as of last week which is great. They can hear everything we are saying to it. Including when Mitchell reads Goodnight Moon every night to us. I probably need to be careful of the music I listen to now. I doubt Britney Spears is the best musical choice for our little grape.

But I know our baby is going to have great musical taste, though. Our little grape has already been to 2 musical performances. We went to the Philharmonic 2 weeks ago and last week we went to an Abilene Chamber Players performance. But this weekend is the biggest concert yet, Dave Matthews. What's not to love? Awesome lyrics and melodies and an array of musical instruments. Let's hope that violin has the biggest impact on our little grape's ears.

I doubt this is the last concert we go to before the baby is born. I really need to get a country concert in there somewhere!

Keep growing my baby grape. Love you so very much!

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