you are treasured

Our little baby has already received a few gift from dear friends and family. It's so exciting to think that our baby will be enjoying them in a few short months.

This is from a set of onsies that we got to give your your grandmothers as a present to let them know you were on your way!
This is from your SuSu. I need to put our first picture of you in there!

This is from Jeff and Kimberely (Macy, Ellie and Cullen, too)! Your first official HSU t-shirt! I'm not being biased or anything, but I'm thinking this is going to be your favorite shirt!

Kimberely suggested a great name for you: Jefferely. We might have to think about that one!

This is from your Aunt Vicki. I think she has good taste, don't you?

These are from sweet Aimee and her mom Laura. You are a blessed baby!

This one is from your daddy and me. I sleep with it every night and hold it until I have you in my arms to kiss and love on!

Now, for some reason Romulus thinks it his and has stolen it a few times. You might be in competition with him when you get here!

These are the wonderful books you have alreday received. Goodnight Moon is from your daddy and me. Your daddy likes to read it to you almost everynight.

The Dr. Seuss book is from your friend, Stone and his mommy and daddy. We will be reading that to you all the time!

The last book is from your SuSu. You got that for Christmas a few years ago before we even knew you were on your way. It's a verse book for every letter of the alphabet. This way we can learn about our Father and Savior and read of all the wonderful things he does for us.

How special you are already to recieve so many gifts!

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Martin & Hillary Hernandez said...

Soo much fun!! Weird question. What is the background to all of your pictures....its really cute!!