i'm pretty much an expert

Last night we had our Sunday School social. It was so much fun. We had it out at Sarah Lain's parents house 30 miles from town on highway 36. I am not really sure where that takes you, but we were out there.

We cooked out, had some-mores and played games. The highlight of the evening was clay shooting. I had NEVER shot a gun before, and I am pretty sure a BB gun doesn't count. But I did really good, if I say so myself. Like pro-amature!

All I know is that we need a shotgun and those clay disk thingies!

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Baby McMinn said...

Come on over we can shoot them in the backyard we have the machine and the guns. Now my question is what gun were you shooting a 12 or a 24 gauge?
We could have a tournament if you like we aren't competitive around here.........
I didn't know you liked some-mores we call them smores out here....