i think we left the front door open

I get up to go to the restroom last night. Time x 2 in a series of 3. Three is the number this week.

Anyways I'm in the restroom going... you know and Mitchell peaks his head through the crack of the door and SCARES me. He's a sound sleeper, nothing wakes him up. His heads through the door and he groggily whispers,

"I think we left the front door open."

I just stare at him, trying to digest what's going on.

"And I think your sister is at the door."

Right then and there I know he is sleep walking and talking in his sleep. I was terrified. What do you do with a sleep walker.

You get up and tell him to go back to bed. And that Vicki is not at the door. And then he will promptly go back to bed, mumbling in his sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, you need to get with Becca and you guys can share your sleep walking stories.....as a sleep walker/talker, it's always funny to hear stories about yourself that you have no memory of!