well hello there 17 weeks

This is me at 17 weeks. Two weeks ago. For a long time I didn't want to take any tummy pictures. Not until I was convinced my stomach didn't look like a gut. And that it was obvious I was pregnant. But here's my baby and just like Dr. Tadvick said, my stomach all of a sudden showed up out of no where. You earned your pay that visit, Dr. Tadvick! 

I was so elated when we were in San Diego, and at one of my meetings the lady next to me said, "So when are you due?" I literally wanted to kiss her. I settled for crying later at lunch as she was telling me the story of her daughter and pregnancy. 

I am now 19 weeks and definitely feel the full effects of being pregnant. I vow to be better about taking these pictures of my tummy and my baby. 

By time we get back from Hawaii I will be 22 weeks on Monday, July 27th. And at 8 am that morning we will find out what we are having, a baby girl or boy! I can't wait and the suspense is killing me. My mom, dad, and sister will be there to find out with me and Mitchell and I couldn't be happier!


katy said...

was great to see you at the dr's office today! you look fantastic!

Baby McMinn said...

You look fabulous in this picture! Take the belly photos I didn't and now I wish I had.