4th of july parade

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Sayles had a 4th of July parade so we were up and ready extra early for the parade. Romulus was so excited after we told him, he waited by the laundry room doors all morning until we left. 




And waiting! 

These dogs were nothing, Romulus definitely needs to be in parade next year. 

He wasn't impressed by that other great dane. 

Happy 4th baby, this was your first parade!

Debbie and Titan from HSU! 

1/3 of the Six White Horses. 

And we ended the morning by watching the community band perform. We got to see Joe Mack and Karla and enjoyed the great concert. Although Romulus drooled all over the guy we were sitting next to, forced himself under neath his chairs and over turned on of them. Can you blame him? It was hot!

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