#3 or 5

I have been dying to post this, but was sworn to secrecy until the rest of the family knew. My sister-in-law, Meredith (Mitchell's sister) and her husband Mark are expecting a baby in April. I am so excited about being an aunt to another precious little being. 

This is baby number 3 for them, number 5 for the Etter family. I am so excited Owen is going to have a cousin so close to his age. 

Being an aunt and uncle has been an amazing blessing to us both. I never knew I could love a child as much as I love my nephew and nieces. They made my heart grow in places I never knew existed. And made my realization for a child of my own grow be
yond belief. 

Maggie, Mollie Grace, and Luke are going to have so much fun with Owen and their new cousin on the way. 

These are just a few of my favorite memories of us with our precious nieces and nephews. 

This past thanksgiving. 

MG during an Abilene visit, playing with my jewlery and HSU beanie! 

Luke last halloween. 

I love this picture - its on my fridge. We were wrestling. 

Their sweet hugs are so wonderful.

Maggie loves playing make-up. This Christmas we gave her a whole make-up bag, complete with nail polish. 
She even painted Bubs toes nails. 

Putting make-up on. 

Maggie Kay on her first birthday. 

Luke, he is so sweet and affectionate. 

Chunky monkey, Mollie Grace. 

Luke, the day he was born

Luke Boone. 


She's not sassy at all. 

This past spring with Bubs. 

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