hello lovely

About a month ago we picked out a dresser for our room and for the baby's room. It was delivered today and I could not be more excited. Who would have thought that a piece of wood, nails, and paint would make me so happy. Could be that we have a small, doesn't fit anything dresser right now. Could it be that this is one more step closer to having everything for the baby's room?

Perhaps. Either way I just love them. What do you think?

This is the dresser/changing table for Owen's room. It is in the garage now until his room is painted.

Now hold on to your pants. This is the dresser for our bedroom. Yellow might not be everyones cup of tea, and this might be a little loud for you, but you know me. A green office? A yellow dresser? It makes sense now, doesn't it?

I just love it.

The color is more rich and gold than what is in this picture. And the walls in our bedroom are a really chocolate brown, not the washed out brown that it looks like. Why don't you come on over, I will show you. I am actually getting quite excited about the way our room looks. In the almost 2 years we've been in our house, it actually looks like a room. We got our new duvet cover and shames about 3 weeks ago. I hung pictures on the wall, and a monogrammed decal above our bed on Monday. I think it blew Mitchell's socks off. I surprised him while he was in class Monday night. See love, my silly ideas really aren't half bad!

I'm getting excited. House almost ready. Owen's room in the making. Baby still cooking. Things are looking good around my love shack!


Amber Rawlings said...

love! where are the dressers from??!!

Baby McMinn said...

I love them I think they look just like you.
So cute! I want to come see your room!