hey martha

This afternoon we went to purchase paint for the Owen's room, Blue Bayou and Sweet Midori. 

We handed our swatches to the lady at the paint counter at Home Depot, she pauses, looks at us and says, "Ummmm. I hope its a big room or space. These are really bright colors." And then looks like she just ate a lemon. 

I look at Mitchell look and her and decide to act. If I hadn't said something first I know what would have come out of Mitchell's mouth wouldn't have been as... nice. I told her it was for  baby's room figuring that she'd lay off. Oh, no. 

"Well, whatever." she finally sighs, "You've got it figured out."

Hey, Martha. I didn't know you were the resident color and interior design expert. Right here in Abilene working at the Home Depot paint counter. 

No, you aren't. And if you were, you wouldn't be working at Home Depot. Leave me and the colors for my baby's room alone!

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Becca said...

You're kidding! I am sure Owen's room will be adorable! We are excited to see ya'll next weekend. :)