Today I got the best advice from a fellow blogger. She writes in blog Whatever that she is going to try to start saying, "Yes." every time her kids ask her something. In her blog, her daughter asked if they could make cupcakes, "YES!"

Won't that be fun and a great way to spend our days. Can we go to the park? Can we make cookies? Can we go see daddy at school, "Why, yes we can!"

I am going to try to be the best mommy that I can be, every single day of my life. To you and any brothers and sisters that might come our way in the future. We will always have fun. I will always support every idea you have, no matter how small or silly. I will try my hardest to meet your every need. I will try to teach you when things are hard, or you don't understand something. I will always have cookies and milk when you have a bad day.

And I will always try to be the Christ-like, God featuring mother that you deserve. This is my prayer for us.

So when you get here my little man, Yes I will love you from here to always.

All my love!

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