it's me, romulus

The long lost forgotten dog of the Etters. Yes, friends I am still alive. There is no physical evidence of my existent at 918 Meander, not recent pictures, but if you pass by I promise I will say hello. They don't let me blog much and are keeping me outside like I am an animal. Things are piling up in the office that smell like lotion and other sweet things. A package came in the mail last night and mom kept saying it was for the baby, are you excited?

Excited? How can I be excited about something that I don't know what it is. Baby this, baby that. Last time I heard the word baby was when I was living with those college boys the first 10 months of my life. They said it all the time. And if our new baby is like their baby, then it will be a funny smelling, skinny, blonde girl who makes fun of me because I am big. I don't know about that.

So, don't forget about me. I am here, I promise!


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