brothers don't shake hands...

Brothers gotta hug!

So funny, I love Tommy boy.

Romulus met his long lost cousin Nikko yesterday. They aren't technically brother's. But the meeting made me think of the movie.

Nikko is Mitchell's roommate from college's dog, Daniel. Did that make sense? Daniel got Nikko after the boys had lived in the house for a while, and she was the first great dane in our lives. WE LOVE NIKKO! After seeing on Facebook that Romulus needed a new home, and meeting him, we knew he had to be our puppy. Nikko was/is such a great and loving dog! Great dane's love you soooo much!

After lunch yesterday, we decided the two should meet. I think Romulus was a little too much for Nikko, but they were best buds after a lot butt sniffing!

Romulus shared his bed with Nikko :)

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Anonymous said...

My little bro always says that line to Matt...I love that movie! So much fun! I hope you are feeling great and we can't wait to meet Baby Owen when he arrives.