34 weeks

Have flown by. At the same time, these past months seem to be dragging. When I look at everything we have to do, I start to panic and worry if we will get everything done. Then I remember, that in the 6 short weeks that we have left I will be blessed with the presence of my sweet little boy. A blessing, and a creation from above, that will be all ours.

And everything else will not matter when he is here. The room can be incomplete. The decorations not up on the walls. And I don't care. (well secretly I really do. but I will pretend not to)

I cannot believe that The Lord has chosen us to be parents to a child that we will raise in His name, and teach of His life. What an honor to complete such a task. I pray every day that we can live up to these expectations, but know we cannot do it alone. That is why we've been blessed with loving families who praise and fear The Lord. A church family who already love our son. And a relationship with our Lord and Father who will be there every step of the way. I know it cannot be done alone.

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Tiffany said...

You're gonna be a great mommy, too! You look so cute with your baby bump! Sorry we missed you at the dr. office monday. I'm doing good, no more sickness and just growing :) Can't wait to meet Owen!!