Saturday we had our Sunday School Halloween party, and had SO much fun. Here are a few pictures!

Lyndsey, James & Judson. Pirates and a little monster.

Lauren and her husband were cupid... and a love struck man?

It took me while to get what Meredith and Nathan were. Do you get it? Little Cesar's Pizza. Yes, I am slow. I know!

Yummy Pizza!

Christina and Ryan were an A&M basketball player, and the goal. The baby is the ball!

Toogoods were Hefty and Glaad!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Masen doesn't have on his costume here, but it was a hot dog. Brooke and Jasen were the mustard and ketchup!

Mitchell and Andrew eating before everyone else! We aren't too sure what Andrew was supposed to be. Something along the lines of a Billy Ray Cyrus/weird stalker guy!

The Laws were soooo cute, too! Cowboy was a sock monkey. And they were the banana and tree! Things are so much cuter when you have a baby in the picture!

Here's Masen as the hotdog. And his 80's girlfriend, Allison!

My husband the baker....

Me the oven with the baked good, a bun! Get it? A bun in the oven.... ok so much funnier in my head!


Tiffany said...

It looks like ya'll had lots of fun... and there are a lot of babies on the way!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your costume! I get it...very creative.