stop thinking

Really. I need to stop thinking.

Which is really very easy for me these days, the whole pregnant brain thing.

And if you've never been pregnant and this think is a lie, get knocked up. I promise everything will go out the window. You'll feel stupid and ditzy. Everyone will forgive you, because you have pregnant brain.

Going back to the thinking part. About every 4 weeks, when it comes time for me to trim my hair I contemplate letting my hair grow long again. And or, cutting bangs. Or letting them grow out. See where I'm coming from? Just typing that out confused me. No wonder my poor brain is on overload all the time.

Although I LOVE my hair short, (May was my two year anniversary of doing something spontaneous, and cutting my hair. And if you know me, I am NOT spontaneous. Except for about 3 semesters in college.) I miss it being long. It was never Pocahontas long, like my sister's (see post here) long and luscious, but I miss curling my hair. Putting it up in a bun. Cute fartsey things like that. My hair was/is more frizzy, half-way long, but had great curl.

What do you think? HONESTLY. Let's see what kind of history I can pull up on my hair over the years:

From as early as I can remember to High School: Sponge rollers were always in my hair overnight. Yes, in high school too. Don't judge. Remember I told you I also wore plaid shorts, and penny loafers.

College/Year One: Long, straight nothing exciting. I also wore nothing but t-shirts, jeans, and reefs.

College/Year Two: OMG I got layers. Call the police.

College/Year Three & Four: I learned to curl my style my hair. Amazing isn't it? Amazingly sad.

Post College Year One: I got married and was DETERMINED not to cut my hair like every other married woman. I cut bangs instead.

Next year: Jessica Alba has to cut her hair and so does every other celebrity. I chose a rain, humid day, and cut my hair.

I will post pictures tonight.

In the meantime, what do you think. Long or Short?

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